The story behind MJML

Originally created by a team of developers at Mailjet, MJML's objective is to simplify the way people design responsive emails.

Before being an open-sourced markup language, MJML has been used for one year as an internal engine to efficiently generate the HTML of responsive emails designed by users through Passport, Mailjet's drag-and-drop interface to build email campaigns.

After 5 years in the email business, we're in a good place to know how painful it is to design responsive emails. Because keeping up-to-date with all the email-clients' specificities added to the challenge of being responsive on all the devices users read their emails on, we figured MJML could actually help a lot of people struggling with responsive email design.

We hope the community will benefit from what we learnt and decided to share with MJML. Get started with contributing today!

Basic guidelines

Mark and Logo

You are free to use the mjml standard logo as well as the mjml logo associated with the mjml name. It should always appear in Brandon Grotesque Bold.


Our website and branding use a set of colors to represent MJML.