MJML documentation

Start building responsive email with MJML. You’ll find in the documentation the full list of components available and their associated attributes.

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All you need to learn about MJML…

Frequently Asked Questions

Find the answers to the most commonly asked questions, such as how to use MJML and how to send a MJML email.

Compatibility in email clients

Discover how MJML is supported in major email clients, with a detailed breakdown of components and their attributes.

Official MJML tools

Integrate MJML in your workflow thanks to those official tools, including task runners and plugins for Atom and Sublime Text.

Guides and tutorials

Learn how to build responsive email templates with MJML with these step-by-step tutorials and guides.

MJML API documentation
Effortlessly plug MJML into your app by integrating the free-to-use MJML API instead of running MJML yourself