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Feature-rich plugin for Visual Studio Code

Webpack plugin for converting MJML files to HTML

Java library to use the MJML API

A MJML API client for Java.

Grunt integration for MJML, the email template engine

Responsive mails using Express, MJML and React

The PrestaShop Emails SDK: a toolkit to create custom emails for PrestaShop 1.5, 1.6 and 1.7

The utility belt for MJML developers

An efficient pipeline to build MJML-based HTML for emails

MJML parser and template engine for Ruby

MJML-Rails allows you to render HTML e-mails from an MJML template in Rails

Coding HTML emails in rails, using MJML and letter_opener to preview emails in the browser

The simplest way to use MJML in Django templates

Zend Framework 2 Module for MJML responsive avemail

Laravel Elixir MJML

MJML for Meteor

MJML-Haml allows you to render HTML emails from aMJMLtemplate

MJML loader for Webpack

MJML support for JSTransformers

A simple guide to setting up MJML using NPM and Sublime 3 on Windows

MJML + Your favourite templating engine

MJML Syntax Support on Vim

Displays charts as images in your email

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